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December 9, 2022
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The Average Age Of The Italians Deceased From Coronavirus: 76 years. 99% Of The Deceased Had Other Illnesses

COVID-19 is causing an impressive toll all over the world. At the moment this article is published, there are more than 210,000 registered patients all over the world, with Italy being the second most affected country after China. Also, almost 9,000 deaths were caused by the virus, according to some sources.

Sometimes, though, the numbers are misleading. The news of the hundreds of deaths in Italy, which are broadcast each morning through mainstream media, hide something which Italy decided to reveal only now.

In fact, the Superior Health Institute of Italy showed some revealing statistics: the average age of those infected is 63 years old. Yet, the average age of those who died is much older: 76 years.

Bloomberg takes the investigation even further, showing that 99% of those who died from Coronavirus had prior illnesses:

The Rome-based institute has examined medical records of about 18% of the country’s coronavirus fatalities, finding that just three victims, or 0.8% of the total, had no previous pathology. Almost half of the victims suffered from at least three prior illnesses and about a fourth had either one or two previous conditions.
More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease.

Bloomberg, citing Superior Health Institute

If this is the situation in Italy, why aren’t we presented the statistics from all over Europe?

Why are the European governments hiding behind numbers? It is hard to tell.

It’s not only about the age of the deceased, but it’s also about the fact that only 0.8% had no previous pathology. The symptoms are like in the case of the common flu, only stronger.

In fact, some doctors, from those who have been ill and survived Coronavirus infection, have described the illness as a stronger flu. So, if this is the case, why so much panic?

The whole European Union is on lock down because of a stronger flu whose mortality rate is not as high as some feared: around 3.4%. Meanwhile, the economists say we all enter in deep recession and the European governments are overwhelmed with requests from companies to be bailed out of this crisis.

Instead of conclusion

Following this coronapanic, when fear lead to the recession of the European economies, IMF came out and offered USD 1000 B to the governments all over the world, in loans, to overpass the self-induced crisis.

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