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March 3, 2024
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Reckless Asian Immigrants Wreak Havoc on Bucharest Streets

Bucharest is one of the cities filled with Asian immigrants. Most fled their miserable lives in their native countries and arrived in Romania’s Capital looking for a decent job. But decent jobs are hard to find in Bucharest, especially for an Asian immigrant with little or no knowledge.

Hence, Asians got to work in street cleaning, garbage management or food delivery. The last one is what makes Bucharest a chaotic city currently, as all these Asians driving their scooters in one of the most jammed cities in Europe wreak havoc.

Tens of serious accidents involving reckless Asian drivers delivering food made not only the clients skip their lunch, but also the Bucharest Police Department think about how to make all these bad drivers understand they drive in Europe now. And when the police realized how bad the situation was, they started teaching…driving lessons with the immigrants.

It’s enough to watch some videos on YouTube to understand how Asians drive in their native countries.

This is unacceptable if this is normal in Vietnam or any other chaotic country, in Bucharest. This is why Bucharest Police started driving lessons to make the immigrants understand the laws in Romania and the EU.

The preventive and educational activities the Bucharest Road Brigade carries out are a priority. In this context, I approved the organization of such a road education seminar. It is essential to explain that traffic rules save lives. During this event, we presented, in English, an introduction to road legislation so that delivery people coming from countries with different traffic cultures would first know the traffic rules and then understand the obligation to comply with them. Through such presentations, we hope to decrease the number of road incidents involving foreign nationals performing delivery services.

Bucharest Police Department official about reckless Asian driving

In English? But of course, only that most of these Valentino Rossi failed wannabes understand no other language but their native one. We’re unsure how many of them correctly understood what they were taught, but one thing is for sure – there are thousands of such reckless drivers in Bucharest, more thousands coming each month, and it is impossible to teach them proper driving in due time.

The mistake is, obviously, a strategic one. It belongs to the Government, but the officials fear to admit that. When offering close to 1 million working permits to all these poor drivers in just a few years, one should expect that Bucharest will turn in Ho Chi Minh in one decade.

At the moment, we advise paying attention to any delivery guy on a moped if you drive in Bucharest (which we don’t recommend, by the way). They are unpredictable and chaotic and turn suddenly, expecting the others to make room in traffic for them.

Will this madness on the Bucharest streets end soon? We’re not quite sure about that, as in one week schools are starting in Romania. That will make Bucharest even more chaotic, and the serious accidents and death toll will increase exponentially.

If you add that many Ukrainian refugees drive chaotically in Romania, causing tens of deaths and injuries, the picture is more adequate, and one should understand why Bucharest is not the safest city to drive in. As long as the Romanian Government is too blind to see that all these immigrants are a risk to Bucharest residents, things can only worsen.


John Berwick September 3, 2023 at 7:40 am

You are right to point out dangerous driving in Romania and the need for this problem to be tackled at governmental level. However, your focusing on “Asian immigrant” drivers detracts from the general poor standard of driving in Romania, which has the highest pro capita road accident rate in the EU. Worse still: it encourages racist clichés.

Tj September 3, 2023 at 2:26 pm

Moreover, from my personal experience, I can attest that in some cases, as many as 12 people occupied a two-person apartment above mine, resulting in constant noise and an unbearable odor. Consequently, I made the decision to leave after enduring five months in that environment. On a brighter note, it was quite impressive how quickly my orders were delivered, typically arriving at my doorstep within just five minutes.

Alex Tijerina September 12, 2023 at 10:02 pm

What a mess. How does Romania attract visitors with that kind of traffic?


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