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May 22, 2024
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“WHO IS ROMANIA” Series Presented by British Historian

Who is Romania is a series of engaging short documentaries trying to present to the British people the rich and exceptionally interesting history of Romania and of the Romanian people. The presenter is one of the historians who fell in love with Romanian history: Dr. Tessa Dunlop.

The series, realized at the initiative of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, highlights the most outstanding cultural and historical personalities of Romania throughout the centuries:

  • Stephen the Great: Moldavian ruler who built the painted monasteries after each victory against the Ottomans and other invaders;
  • Queen Marie of Romania: English-born Princess and World War I heroine, who is celebrated by naming one of the promenades near Eiffel Tower in Paris;
  • George Enescu: world-famous classical musician and composer, nowadays celebrated through George Enescu music festival;
  • Nicolae Grigorescu: founder of modern Romanian painting, whose some of the paintings can be admired at the National Museum of Art in Bucharest;
  • Constantin Brâncuși: the famous 20th century sculpture artist;
  • Mihail Sebastian: Jewish playwright and author of one of the foremost chronicles of the rise of fascism in Europe;
  • Liviu Ciulei: the famous film and theatre director.

The documentaries will be weekly presented on the Facebook account of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London. If you want to see the first episode, please enjoy and remember the great achievements but also the characteristics of the personality of Stephen the Great, the most beloved Romanian ruler of all times.

Who is Romania: Stephen the Great, presented by Dr. Tessa Dunlop, British historian

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