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May 22, 2024
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Visit Bucharest Today! app – The Mobile Application For Bucharest Lovers

Have you ever considered having dinner with Dracula?
Have you ever wondered what the first electrified castle in Europe looks like?
Have you ever wanted to discover one of the largest medieval places of worship in Europe?
Have you ever walked through the only inhabited medieval fortress in Europe?

Well, starting from these questions and trying to give the best answers, the team of super enthusiastic young people from TUYA Digital – SEO & Digital Marketing created an online platform and a mobile application that are useful for both leisure and business tourists as well as travel agents.

In the context in which today’s traveller wants to explore new places, VisitBucharestToday! Android App aims to present Bucharest as it is: a captivating city through its own culture, the events it hosts, through the people who define it and make it a unique city in Europe. Often called “Little Paris”, Bucharest fascinates with its culture in which myths and traditions defined the local community, with the mixture of Eastern and Western influences, with the rustic style combined with the modern giving birth to an authentic and exotic style.

From writers to photographers, painters and singers, they all paid homage to this town that still retains its charm.

With an intuitive and well-structured menu, Visit Bucharest Today! app aims to become the first and the foremost virtual friend who can help any tourist to have a memorable experience in Bucharest. The users of the app can find extensive information about the main tourist attractions in Bucharest, gastronomic facilities, leisure opportunities, concerts, transport and other useful services.

,, The experience gained while I was working in the tourism sector determined us to focus on the tourist objectives around Bucharest too. Thus, I chose as in the VisitBucharestToday! application to include pieces of information to help users discover the legendary places around the city. Thus, we have included a separate section of Tours and Day Trips, in case the tourists want to know more about Dracula’s Castle, Brașov, Sighișoara fortress, or about the Peles Castle.” says Adriana G, project manager for the travel app.

Visit Bucharest Today! has a user-friendly interface

Visit Bucharest Today! app is available for free on Google Play and is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices running the Android operating system. It has a user-friendly interface and its smooth and intuitive navigation will certainly attract lots of travel lovers, as the app has just been uploaded.

Visit Bucharest Today! and the development plans

Visit Bucharest Today! app stands out for its special design and intuitive navigation. The diversity of its content and its permanent updating make it a must-have for anyone who has put the capital of Romania, Bucharest, on the list of holiday or business destinations.

The structure and clear delimitation of the different areas of interest will be complemented by the user’s ability to make reservations at restaurants, hotels and guided tours directly from the application.

We are not sure if you will be able to find a place in Dracula’s busy diary for a dinner, but we know for sure that, once you arrive in Bucharest, you will have a tourist guide on your phone. All the beautiful stories, all the places worth visiting, all the possibilities to travel, the best guides to book for private or group tours, all the restaurants where it is worth to experience the local and international flavors, all the roads to the cities, mansions and palaces, all revealed in a simple app on your phone, which is an indispensable device for each of us. That’s what we want the Visit Bucharest Today! app to be. And we made every effort to make the experience authentic, from the stories told and gathered with love, to the photos taken by us so as to show the real beauty of the places presented ” says Adriana G.

We downloaded the application and, although we are from Bucharest, we really liked it and, surprisingly, we discovered so many interesting places we didn’t know. Get ready to discover the app yourself!

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