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March 4, 2024
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Visit Bucharest Today! – Android App Promoting Romania’s Capital

Bucharest is a unique city which doesn’t need comparisons for defining its own identity. Romania’s largest city and its capital merges its rich history with a modern identity and it certainly needs to be discovered and appreciated by the international tourists.

Yet, with only 2.7 million foreign tourists visiting Romania in 2019, the last year before the pandemic restrictions, as compared to around 10 million visiting Hungary and Bulgaria, and with only 1.2 million foreign tourists visiting Bucharest a year, as compared to 6 million visiting Budapest, a comparison with the neighboring countries, to mentioned only these ones, makes Romanian inbound tourism to look like a child sitting next to a giant.

Romanian tourism definitely needs a revival and perhaps 2020 is the best year to launch online projects in anticipation of 2021, when we all hope we’ll be able to travel again, more freely and without so many restrictions.

VisitBucharest.today! is a platform where English speaking locals and tourists can discover the most visited attractions in the city, but also some of its hidden gems. Not only that, but Visit Bucharest Today! also presents destinations within a day trip distance from Bucharest. Thus, here you can also find attractions like Dracula’s Castle, Sighisoara medieval city or Brasov, one of the oldest citadels in Transylvania” says Adriana Gheorghe, project manager of the platform.

Now, the enthusiasts who created the platform announce the launching of the corresponding Android app:  Visit Bucharest Today! on Google Play Store, developed by TUYA Digital – app development division.

Are you planning to visit Bucharest in 2021? You’d better start your trip from Visit Bucharest Today! Android app

With a lively atmosphere and many unique attractions, Bucharest is one of the safest and most accessible destinations in Europe.This is why Visit Bucharest Today! Tries to become your guide to Bucharest at a fingertip.

The aim of the project is to help tourists discover great places to spend time at and the top attractions in Bucharest, all at a touch of a fingertip. This way, whenever visiting the city, you can explore Bucharest more like a local.

Besides, the project aims at persuading international travellers to visit the city.

On December 1st, Romania’s National Day, we’ll start in full the promotion of the platform and the dedicated app all across European countries, with the goal to persuade more and more users to enter the platform on web or download the app from Google Play Store. Hopefully, with the help of our sponsors and partners, we will further improve this project and make it as attractive as possible, for helping the local tourism and hospitality initiatives”, added Adriana Gheorghe, project manager.

The website and the mobile app function together as a guide for tourists visiting Bucharest starting from 2021, but also for the locals. Thus, users can find out what are the main tourist attractions in Bucharest and nearby, as well as the events organized in the city – concerts, exhibitions, local cultural events etc. In addition, Visit Bucharest Today! also offers a structured list of museums, restaurants, cafes, clubs, shopping malls, casinos, spas, and parks.

Besides, as some museums launched their virtual tours during 2020, trying to attract online visitors during lockdown, Visit Bucharest Today! integrates these tours within the platform.

Bucharest tours and one day trips from Bucharest

 On top of that, while virtually browsing on the platform, on laptop or within the dedicated app, one can also find Bucharest Tours and Day Trips from Bucharest to other neighbouring destinations in the country. For example, the special section of one day trips include Dracula’s Castle, Constanta, Brasov, Sibiu and other beautiful Romanian destinations.

This way, a tourist would certainly realize Romania has a lot more to offer than only its Capital city.

Visit Bucharest Today! app –  a Mobile App for Bucharest Lovers and not only!

Visit Bucharest Today! app aims to become the foremost virtual friend who can help any tourist to have a memorable experience in Bucharest. The app will guide you through the 6 main categories: Attractions, Tours&Trips, Vibe, Shopping, Tips, and Top Bucharest. It has an intuitive and well-structured menu and it can be considered a virtual friend who can help any tourist to have a memorable experience in Bucharest.

At the moment the app is only available for Android mobile devices, but in early December the team behind the project will also launch an iOS version for iPhone users.

Adriana Gheorghe has quite an experience with travelling. Besides being a passionate traveler, she’s been working for different travel agencies for more than 10 years. Her experience and her passion made this project available for travel lovers out there.

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