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December 7, 2021
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Viktor Orban Fears the COVID-19 Situation in Romania Could Bring the Fourth Wave in Hungary

The Covid-19 situation in Romania is difficult enough for anybody to see the country is about to lose its fight against pandemics. The daily number of deaths is the biggest in Europe, while the fourth wave hit the country with more force than any of the previous waves.

Romania leading the COVID-19 fatalities ranking in Europe

While in Hungary the situation looks more stable, with 59% of the population vaccinated, the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban fears the fourth wave of pandemics in his country could come from the Eastern border, meaning Romania.

The fourth wave will surround Hungary in short time, certainly coming from the East.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on Romania’s role in the fourth wave in Hungary

Hungary tries to help the Romanian authorities fight the pandemic and they agreed on treating 50 patients coming from Romania. Yet, this number is not going to stop the fourth wave in Romania, nor the measures taken so far by the Romanian Government.

In Romania, only 30% of the population is vaccinated. The authorities blame the anti-vaccination campaigns conducted by groups on social media, but on the other hand, they did very little to persuade people to get the vaccine.

A proper governmental strategy to correctly inform the people about the pro and cons of the COVID-19 vaccines would’ve done wonders. Unfortunately, Romanian authorities did very little in this perspective, as they only imposed the restrictions without any other type of communication campaign.

‘Get vaccinated!’ doesn’t work anymore in Romania and it seems like the people will get through the disease and get the necessary immunization. Yet, the situation is critical and the hospitals are overwhelmed. On top of that, the political crisis hinders the authorities from taking the necessary measures, while the economic crisis’ effects become more and more visible.

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