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March 4, 2024
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US Embassy in Bucharest Points at Russia: Who is the Aggressor?

US Embassy in Bucharest points at Russia: Who is the Aggressor? The accusing post on Facebook was published on Wednesday, January 12, and it says, word by word:

Russia invaded ?? the Republic of Moldova in 1991-1992 … and hasn’t left until now. Russia invaded ?? Georgia in1991-1993 and then in 2008 … and hasn’t left. Russia invaded ?? Ukraine in 2014 … and it hasn’t left so far. Do you see a pattern here? Who is the aggressor?

US Embassy on Facebook, January 12, 2022
US Embassy in Bucharest post on Facebook

The US Embassy in Bucharest refers to Russian troops’ military occupation of territories in Moldova, Ukraine, or Georgia.

The post occurs when the negotiations between Russia and the United States are currently stalled. No party wants to make concessions. Moreover, Russia started military exercises near the Ukrainian border with live ammunition.

This week there will be further negotiations between NATO and Russia. Russia wants guarantees that Ukraine won’t join the military alliance. In Other words, Russia doesn’t want any other NATO expansion to the East. On the other hand, the US defends the right of the countries to form any kind of partnership, economic or military.

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