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June 2, 2023
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Universal Day of Romanian Blouse Festival in Paris

The famous ‘Flori de Ie’ Romanian blouse will be celebrated on June 24 as part of the “RomanIA Autentica” Festival in Behague Palace, France’s Romanian Embassy’s residence.

Twenty accomplished women from Romania and France, aged 25 to 70, who work in business, diplomacy, and the arts will participate in a parade to commemorate Romanian Blouse Day wearing both traditional costumes and more current designs from the Flori de Ie fashion company. The ‘Duo ConTe’ ensemble, made up of Romanian violinists Ingrid and Bogdan Nicola, will provide the evening’s musical beat, and guests will be able to enjoy Romanian cuisine.

Romania is authentic through our Latin spirit, through our strong and soulful emotions, so beautifully woven by our women in colourful symbols. Flori de Ie wishes for a strong presence of Romanian values. After Havana, London, New York, Abu Dhabi, Vienna, Bari, Shanghai, Bergamo, Dubai, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Ankara, Paris will once again rejoice at the beautiful sight of the Romanian Blouse (Ia) and traditional Romanian garb, this time under the brand RomanIa Autentica. I have the vision of the Romanian Blouse as an emblem for success, entrepreneurship, and pride in carrying your soul for everyone to see, anywhere. We do not create pret-a-porter or high couture, we are writing the successful woman of these times.

Cristina Chiriac, the founder of “Flori de Ie” brand, the initiator of RomanIA Autentica festival and chairwoman of the National Confederation for Women’s Entrepreneurship (CONAF).

Luca Niculescu, Romania’s ambassador to France, will inaugurate the event, which is being put on by ‘Flori de Ie‘, the Romanian Embassy in Paris, and the Romanian Cultural Institute under the sponsorship of Romania’s permanent delegation to UNESCO.

The city of Iasi, a center of Romanian culture and history, and the village of Hobita (in Gorj County), the birthplace of Constantin Brancusi, are joining the RomanIA Autentica event, in its 5th edition, yearly staged on June 24 and 25.

On June 24, also known as Sanziene Day, Romanian Blouse Day and Midsummer’s Day are observed. The law designating June 24 as “Romanian Blouse Day” was enacted by decree on June 21, 2022, signed by Romanian President Klaus Johannis.

One of Romania’s most significant collections is ‘Flori de Ie‘ collection, which has approximately 150 representative costumes from the country’s many regions’ ethnographic history. Through events that feature traditional dress, musical and choreographic folklore, crafts, and gastronomy in their midst, the RomanIA Autentica project seeks to develop and bring back to light, on a global scale, the Romanian culture, art, and traditional values.

Photo source: RomanIA Autentica

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