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March 5, 2024
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Ukraine’s Reaction to Romanian Nationalists’ Request for Country’s Territorial Reintegration

On January 24th, when Romania celebrated the Unification of two of its historical provinces, one of the co-leaders of AUR, the Romanian nationalist party, referred to annexing four areas that once belonged to Romania.

We will not be genuinely sovereign until we reintegrate the Romanian state within its natural borders. Bessarabia must come home. Northern Bucovina cannot be forgotten, and southern Bessarabia, the land of Herța, Transcarpathia, and everything that was and is of the Romanian nation must return to the state’s borders. This is the ideal we must not forget. Moldova is known. Ștefan’s Moldova must be at home, in Romania.

Claudiu Tarziu, AUR co-leader

This statement attracted Ukraine’s attention, especially during the conflict with Russia. Anton Gerashchenko was the first Ukrainian official to react to revisionist statements. In a post on X, the current advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Interior criticized the AUR leader.

Claudiu Târziu, one of the leaders of the Romanian party AUR, calls on Romania to annex four areas of Ukraine: Northern Bukovina, Southern Bessarabia, Hertsa region and Transcarpathia. He announced this on January 24th, 2024. Târziu’s appeals are consistent: on March 4th, 2022, days after Russia launched its full-scale invasion on Ukraine, he said: “I think there is a need to warm up relations between Romania and Russia, I admit the need for good cooperation between Romania and Russia, I am ready to do my part.” Earlier, similar claims on Ukrainian territories were made by Hungary’s ultra-right party. I know that many of these appeals are made for the domestic audience and should be considered within the contexts of the countries’ internal politics. However, I find it deeply concerning that such claims start to appear more and more often (and not just regarding Ukraine). One of the greatest achievements of the post-WWII worlds (paid for with unbelievable amounts of lives) is respect for territorial sovereignty as the base for global order. If Russia is allowed to win its unjust war against Ukraine, all those sacrifices will be in vain and the world will once again descend into chaos. I know I have many followers from Romania. I’d be grateful if you share how this politician and his party are perceived in your country, as I know that Romania supports Ukraine a lot. Thank you!

Anton Gerashchenko on Claudiu Tarziu statements regarding reintegration of former Romanian territories

The Romanian-Ukrainian issues are not only related to territorial reintegration; more recent issues regard the dragging of the Bistroye Canal, which, in the Romanian experts’ opinion, endangers the Danube Delta.

As all these nationalist opinions appeared during a problematic period for Ukraine under Russian attack, they are seen as extremist and pro-Russian. This is why the Ukrainian officials are so unhappy and react to any “attack” as they see these statements.

In 2023, Ukraine’s President cancelled his speech in the Romanian Parliament for fear the members of the other nationalist party, SOS, would boo him.

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