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December 10, 2023
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Ukraine Accuses Romania of Fueling Russian Propaganda when Discussing Bystroye Canal Problem

After the dredging of the Bystroye Canal was revealed by the Romanian media, the Ukrainian authorities retaliated bluntly. In their opinion, Romania fuels Russian propaganda when talking about this problem.

We remind our readers that Ukraine started dredging the Bystroye canal as early as December or January. In February, the Romanian minister of Transport publicly revealed this situation and asked all the competent Romanian authorities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to take action.

There is forbidden by national and international laws for the Ukrainian part to work on that canal, as it endangers the whole ecosystem of the Danube Delta. Evidence shows that Ukraine wants to make the canal navigable for purely economic purposes.

The reply of the Ukrainian Embassy to Romania: DO NOT FUEL RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA!

Ukraine says Romania fuels Russian propaganda when escalating the Bystroye Canal issue to the European authorities. In a public press release of the Ukrainian Embassy in Bucharest, they accuse Romania and say that the works on the canal are only to “maintain it”.

Based on the information circulated in the Romanian media regarding the execution by the Ukrainian side of operational dredging works on the Danube, we consider it necessary to make the following clarifications: All dredging works on the Danube, currently carried out by the Ukrainian side, which are executed exclusively within the state border of Ukraine, are of a current operational nature and are aimed exclusively at the maintenance of the waterway, such as ensuring the safety of navigation by maintaining the current technical characteristics, as well as eliminating the consequences of natural clogging. As a result of significant natural clogging, operational dredging works on the navigable sea channel have been carried out permanently for several years in the specified and agreed areas per the norms of Ukrainian legislation, international agreements and conventions. In August 2022, the Ukrainian side informed the Lower Danube River Administration about the planned works. Suppose the Ukrainian side plans to implement significant projects different from the current operational ones, the Romanian side will be informed in advance, and their agreement will follow the legislation in force, international agreements and conventions. In Russia’s ongoing brutal war against Ukraine, we express Romania’s gratitude for its firm solidarity with the Ukrainian people and urge the responsible advancement of public information not to harm bilateral relations and not to fuel Russian propaganda.

Ukrainian Embassy in Romania accusing Romania of fueling Russian propaganda on Bystroye Canal problem

A few ideas stick out from this blunt reply of the Ukrainian “diplomacy”:

  • It’s not dredging, it’s maintaining. Yet, the Bystroye canal became navigable by a miracle
  • Romania should not harm the bilateral relations by talking about this issue publicly
  • Romania is fueling Russian propaganda when escalating the issue to the European and international level

Apart from these, there is one more: the Ukrainian part says that, come what may, they will do what they want either way, including significant projects on Bystroye Canal. It’s in their answer if you pay close attention to the meaning of their words. In this case, they will inform the Romanian party in advance. If this is diplomacy, we all don’t fully comprehend the real meaning of this word.

Bystroe Canal on Google Maps
Bystroye Canal on Google Maps

Unfortunately for Romania, this is the war logic the Ukrainians currently use in bilateral relations. Everything said against them fuels Russian propaganda, let alone that they will do anything they want, as they are only defending their country. And if their country’s defence needs to destroy the Sulina Canal, the Danube Delta or the whole neighbouring countries by dragging them into war, it’s not their fault, it’s the Russians because they attacked first.

Bystroye Canal is a lost cause for Romania if we are to judge Romania’s chances by the way its Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts to solve this problem. Besides, what European or international institutions are concerned about this when their primary concern these days is how to send weapons to Ukraine more quickly?

The dredging works at the Bystroye Canal will make the Sulina Canal not navigable. Bystroye will also endanger hundreds of species of wild fauna in the Danube Delta, destroy the local economy, and create another regional catastrophe. Yet, who cares? No one should talk about this, or it will be labelled as Russian propaganda by Ukrainian “diplomacy”.

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john February 20, 2023 at 1:32 pm

Ukraine needs to be punished for this.


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