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May 30, 2024
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Translation AZ – an experienced American translation agency enters Romanian market

The translation market in Romania is booming, the clients being numerous and the volume of work big enough for the translation agencies to grow along with the increasing demand.

The reason is simple. With the unprecedented economic growth in recent years, Romania’s trade with other countries has increased, all of which resulting in a greater need for professional translations and authorized translators to support business relations between Romanian and its foreign partners. Considering the increasing investments that are made in the training of the staff, but also the investments for equipping the translation agencies with the latest computer-assisted translation software programs in order to increase the speed of contract execution, one can say the Romanian translation and interpreting market has high chances of growing also in the coming years, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Thus, against the backdrop of a booming economy, translation and interpreting companies aim at gaining as much market share as possible, along with customer loyalty, business development and expansion through investments in the quality of the services offered.

This is why this year Translation AZ, an American translation agency with over 10 years experience in the USA, also entered the Romanian market.

Founded in May 2009 in Florida, United States, Translation AZ is a fast-growing translation agency with offices in both USA and Europe. Translation AZ has also arrived in Romania, and their objective is to provide the best translation services at the highest standards.

At Translation AZ we provide our clients excellent quality and we achieve excellent results by offering some of the most competitive rates in the industry. In Romania we have been asked for translations into English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, but we have also been asked for translations in so-called exotic languages.

We guarantee full compliance with the dead lines and punctuality in the delivery of the authorized translations which, regardless of whether they are standard, specialized or legalized translations, are performed by professional translators, most of them native ones, who have extensive experience and certified skills in the translation industry“, Andreea Saramet, Translation AZ manager, told Valahia.News.

When choosing a translation agency it is very important to consider the benefits that you could have from this business relationship. What are the combinations of languages that are covered by the professional translators working at the respective agency? How many years of experience do they have? In what industries or domains are they specialized? These are just a few questions you must answer, in order to choose the best translation agency on the market.

The professional translators from Translation AZ have the necessary training and an excellent knowledge of the target languages in order to deliver the best translation services in Romania.

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