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April 19, 2024
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Opinion Poll Shows Traffic, Medical Systems Are Primary Concerns for Bucharest Residents

According to the latest opinion poll conducted by Avangarde, two months before the local elections in Romania’s Capital, car traffic and the medical system are the primary concerns for Bucharest residents.

Apart from being an exciting city with many fascinating attractions that attract international tourists yearly, Bucharest has one major problem visible to everyone, residents or tourists: traffic. According to TomTom, Bucharest is the most jammed city in the country and one of the most congested in Europe.

Index of the most congested cities

No Mayor has been able to approach this problem correctly so far, and the results impact not only the time spent in traffic but also the health of its citizens. Pollution, one of the worst in Europe, made Bucharest one of the least desirable cities to live in.

Bucharest hospitals didn’t rank high in terms of residents’ preferences. Despite some famous private clinics, the public medical system in Bucharest still has plenty of room for improvement.

The irony is that one of the candidates for Bucharest Mayorship is a public hospital director. If elected, will he be able to improve anything in traffic or the health system? This is to be decided by the voters in June when local elections will offer the city a Mayor for the next four years.

Other concerns for the residents are the infrastructure, the education and the parking spots.

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