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March 3, 2024
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Tate Brothers, Arrested in Romania, Hire American Lawyer Tina Glandian from Geragos&Geragos

Andrew and Tristan Tate are certainly not satisfied with their current Romanian lawyer, Eugen Vidineac. Despite the lawyer’s efforts, the two brothers are still under arrest since December 30, and judges rejected their appeal.

Eugen Vidineac is not the most famous or successful lawyer in Romania, but he attracted mass media attention with his outfit. Except for that, Vidineac offered a few interviews and publicly appeared when he pleaded his clients’ innocence.

This made the two brothers bring some help. Starting this week, Tina Glandian is the lawyer to help the Romanian team prepare a proper defence. Glandian’s notable clients include pop singer Kesha Rose Sebert (“Ke$ha“) and pop star Chris Brown. Also, she was recently co-lead counsel in the successful effort to free former MMA heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez from custody. She has also represented former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and other public personalities.

Glandian is, for sure, the lawyer to defend the Tate brothers. Specialized in defending former “bad boys”, some of them implied in contact sports, exactly like Andrew, Tina Glandian proved she was successful in the United States, but not only. Ms. Glandian serves as a United Nations representative for the Armenian International Women’s Association, which is part of the Commission on the Status of Women, whose mission is to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

She already offered an interview to the local TV station Antena 3 – CNN, where she clearly stated her disappointment in the detention conditions in Romania and the judge’s decision to reject the appeal.

We were very disappointed in the Court Order denying the appeal. We will continue to work with the team here to see what the appropriate next steps are to try and get them out of custody. We are hopefully not going to wait until the end of the month until the 27th. We will take action before that time and make a new request to get them out of custody. We would like to spend some time with them in jail and see the conditions myself, first hand.

Tina Glandian for Antena 3 – CNN

Detention conditions in Romania are not a cozy 5-star hotel, and the Romanian prisons are known worldwide. Romania is sentenced by the European Court of Justice for this each year, but nothing has changed in the last few years. Andrew and Tristan complained about the conditions they had to endure during their detention, which is what Tina Glandian is talking about.

Is the American lawyer going to change the course of the legal process of the Tate brothers and get them out of custody? We seriously doubt that, as in Romania, as the courts’ decisions proved so many times, the important thing is to make people public examples. And Andrew Tates, the infamous influencer, is the perfect case to show the public that law and order still rule in the country.

Apart from that, Glandian is unfamiliar with Romanian laws, which might impede her from properly coordinating the Romanian team. On the other hand, she has extensive experience in international law, which is why in the press conference, she mentioned that the detention conditions violate human rights and international conventions, as well as the EU regulations.

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