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July 24, 2024
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Elon Musk’s Starlink Halves Price for Internet Subscription in Romania

Starlink, the satellite internet company of Elon Musk, decided to halve the price of the internet subscription in Romania, according to Tylaz.

Initially, the subscription cost EUR 110. Aside from that, the subscriber also had to pay EUR 660 for the device and the installation. The price is only EUR 47 now, while the initial setup and equipment cost EUR 496.

EUR 47 is affordable, even in Romania, a country with one of the cheapest broadband internet in the world. Of course, we don’t consider the city residents here, but those who live in remote areas or villages where the home internet hasn’t reached.

If you want a Starlink internet connection, just check their webpage to see the availability for your area.

Available in Romania from April 1, Starlink could’ve decided to halve the subscription prices following the low sales, or it might be a strategy to entice the subscriber, especially during these high inflation times. At the same time, Starlink may want to optimize its prices by getting them closer to Romanian competitors.

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