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June 17, 2024
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Romania has the best prices for super-fast internet (up to 1GBps)

Once Romania had the fastest internet speed in the world. This was not long ago, but starting from 2018, Romania’s internet speed started decreasing. In 2018 Romania ranked 5th in the world for internet speed and after that moment, in 2019, it declined and reached 37th position.

Yet, Romania still is number one in the world for the price of the super-fast broadband internet subscription, with a speed of up to 1GBps: only 8 Euros a month. Romania is followed by Hungary and Poland, with 9 Euros and 18 Euros a month.

It might be a cause for the decreasing of the average internet speed – cheaper prices for super-fast connection means more subscribers for the super-speed, which means the overall speed is decreasing.

So, Romania might not be the super-fast broadband champion of the world, but it is definitely the best country where to have a subscription for the super-fast internet.

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