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May 22, 2024
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Military Report: Russian Spies Infiltrated Ukrainian Refugee Waves To Enter Romania

Russian spies entered Romania disguised as Ukrainian refugees. This is one of the conclusions mentioned in the National Security Report 2023 by the Supreme Council for Romania’s Defence.

The intelligence services hostile to Romania have been eroding through disinformation and propaganda the confidence of the Romanians in the Army, the report mentioned.

According to the report, among these hostile actions taken by the Russian secret services are:

  • attempts at informative penetration of the institutions with responsibilities in the field of defence and security, with the development of actions to obtain information of interest;
  • the collection of information regarding the measures taken by Romania in the context of the conflict in Ukraine, regarding the national and multinational exercises carried out, the allied presence on the national territory, the equipment and equipment provided;
  • penetration of critical communications and IT infrastructures;
  • undermining, through disinformation and propaganda, the confidence of the Romanians in the Army and allies, in the decision-making factor and in the capacity of the national military institution to fulfill its missions by carrying out actions associated with informational aggressions.

It is no coincidence that a series of hack-attacks affected the Romanian IT infrastructure recently, including banks, hospitals, mass media, and even the Parliament’s chambers.

The news overlapped another: unidentified drones flew for hours near the Mihail Kogalniceanu military airport. The military personnel inside the premises observed the drones on Monday night, April 15/16. The persons operating the drones have not yet been identified, but an investigation has been opened.

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