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January 24, 2022
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Romania’s PM: NO Solidarity Tax in 2022!

‘Solidarity tax’ is an idea brought to the public agenda in Romania by the Hungarian minority party, UDMR, which is also a member of the governing coalition. This tax is supposed to take 1% of the revenues of the large companies in Romania. By definition to be imposed in the draft law, by large companies, they mean companies that exceed 100 million EUR in annual turnover.

There is no agreement on the idea in the ruling coalition so far. The Liberals disagree with introducing a new tax, while the Socialists back this idea of the Hungarian minority.

It seems that the matter has already been dealt with, as Romania’s PM Nicolae Ciuca announced that no tax would be introduced in 2022.

Romania needs extra money for the public budget to support the promises made by the Social Democrats to hike pensions and child allowances. In this context, even though the Liberals promised no more taxes in 2022, some facilities could be crossed out, such as the no-tax-facility for the IT firms.

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