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March 4, 2024
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Romanians Spend Ski Vacations in ‘War- Torn’ Ukraine

Romanians spend their ski vacations in “war-torn” Ukraine. Recklessness or calculated risk?

One would consider that tourists should avoid countries at war. It is common sense. If there are enough tourists to spend their ski vacation in Ukraine on the snow-covered slopes, there might be thousands to travel to the Gaza Strip to bask in the sun. However, Romanians seem to be a one-of-a-kind nation.

But the question remains: are Romanians so stupid or so courageous to spend their ski vacation in a country at war and to sunbathe in Gaza Strip, or is the situation not what mass media tells people about Ukraine? What is the truth here?

As for us, we don’t suspect Romanians of being stupid or courageous. It must be something else.

Euronews Romania showed exclusive footage and testimonials from Romanians who are already in Bukovel, a winter resort situated at, pay attention, three hours of driving from Northern Romania. War? What war? Bukovel announces on its official website, in Romanian, that the season is open! Not only that, but Mastercard helps you spend your money quickly!

There is no war in Bukovel, and, if you pay attention to the documentary, apart from an alarm, probably sounded to remind tourists they are still in a “country-at-war”, the good mood is present all around. Fancy a ski vacation in Ukraine? Search no further – Bukovel awaits you!

The interviewed Romanian tourists talk about “calculated risks.” They risk their safety and lives while Romania has plenty of ski resorts, and they could’ve chosen to stay in their own country for a fact.

What’s next? Sunbathing in the Gaza Strip? Or maybe a city break in one of the ISIS-occupied territories?

One thing is sure – sometimes, ordinary people can prove that all the media manipulation is far from the truth. This is a lesson to all who believe without searching for information. And, if in Bukovel there is no war or Romanian tourists spend their ski vacation under calculated risk, this could be how all the European nations with a passion for skiing might contribute to the ‘war-torn’ Ukraine’s economy.

Important: this article is not encouraging any of our dear readers to spend their vacation in Ukraine, in the Gaza Strip, or any other war-torn country. Stay safe!

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