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May 23, 2024
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Millions of Energy, Gas Bills in Romania Are Inaccurate

On Monday, there was a debate about capping electricity and natural gas bills that skyrocketed after electricity market liberalization. This was during a meeting of the governing coalition members on increasing energy prices.

Sources claim that 8 million gas and electricity bills are wrong and unlawfully issued, while the Prime Minister only talks about 1 million. According to the quoted sources, inaccurate invoices were sent to consumers in the last two months. Consumers have received bills saying they have to pay thousands of Euros for gas or electricity.

Romanian authorities already asked the population not to pay the inflated bills and also asked the companies that issued the bills to issue new ones. Moreover, all the money paid by the consumers is to be refunded.

The National Energy Regulatory Authority stated that Enel, one of the largest energy suppliers in the country, was fined USD 100,000 for not complying with the law regarding offsetting and caps on gas bills.

The same authority also sanctioned another supplier with a total of USD 100,000 for not applying the support program for the bills related to electricity consumption starting in November 2021.

Moreover, another giant, E.ON Energie Romania, was required to reinstate invoices that did not fully comply with the regulations.

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