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June 17, 2024
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Romania To Cap Energy Prices

Romania’s Interim Prime-Minister, Florin Citu, announced a measure that he strongly rejected before the no-confidence motion: the energy prices are to be capped at the current value.

I saw the evolution of the prices lately and I took the decision for the National Liberal Party and the Government to support the capping of the energy prices in Romania. It will be a measure taken in the first meeting of the Government after the crises is solved. So we will support the capping of the energy prices at the current prices we see during this period. This is why I warn the companies that want to take advantage of this announcement not to bother, because we will cap the prices at the current levels.

Romania’s interim Prime Minister Florin Citu

The measure was bluntly rejected by the Liberal ministries until now, as being ‘non-competitive’. Even the Prime Minister was one of the fiercest opponents of capping the energy prices so far, especially as he saw this idea as being too ‘socialist’.

It seems, though, that the no-confidence motion brought the Prime Minister with his feet on the ground. The problems in Romania are a lot bigger than the current ruling party liked to admit before.

By capping the energy prices, not only did the Liberals adopt a socialist policy, but they also adopt one of the Opposition’s proposed measures for helping Romanians survive this winter. The idea of capping the energy prices originally belongs to PSD – Social Democratic Party.

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