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May 22, 2024
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9 in 10 Romanians Consider Country is Down the Wrong Path

Romanians are not the most optimistic people in Europe, that’s a fact. Partially, this is because of the economic level of development as compared to all the other people in the EU. But they always kept their hope for a brighter future, mostly due to the European Union membership.

But now, things have definitely changed for the worse. And it’s not because of something the European Union has done, but because of what’s happening in the country. A country which, by 9 in 10 Romanians, heads down the wrong path.

Opinion poll: 9 in 10 Romanians consider the country is on the wrong path. Why?

These are actually the results of the latest opinion poll conducted by one of the most reputable opinion poll surveys institutes in Romania, IRES. According to the report, these are the main conclusions:

  • 88% consider the country is heading towards a wrong direction
  • 60% consider the fail of the Government following the no-confidence motion is a good thing
  • 31% consider that the Opposition should offer the future Prime-Minister and not the governing party

The reasons for this are multiple. First off, the economic situation of the country, which is not the happiest one during the last years. Secondly, the prices of energy soared, the purchasing power of the consumers decreased and inflation skyrocketed. Moreover, the political crisis after the Government has failed the no-confidence motion and the health crisis, with 15,000 new COVID-19 cases a day, define the current situation. All these are reasons for considering the country is heading down the wrong path, disregarding any political preferences.

The interesting things are the political answers. Romanians consider that the departure of the Government is a good thing. Also, they think the main Opposition party, the Social Democrats, should offer the Prime Minister. The answer comes as on Monday, October 11, the consultations between Romania’s President and the political parties take place.

As far as we know the Romanian political class, the politicians won’t take into consideration the will of the people, not even the right things to do in a particular situation or another. Romania’s President will nominate the Prime Minister that he wants, probably from the National Liberal Party. Early elections are to be avoided at all costs, even though they seem to be the proper thing to do in the current circumstances, and the political crisis will definitely continue for a longer period in a country tormented by the failure of the politicians to understand the will of the people and to see beyond their small interests.

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