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June 15, 2024
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Political Crisis in Romania: Government Falls after No-confidence Motion in Parliament

Exactly as expected, Romania’s Government failed to pass the no-confidence motion on Tuesday, October 5th. Following the disastrous vote against him, Prime Minister Florin Citu was ousted from power. Yet, his cabinet remains to rule until a new Government is sworn in.

The Opposition gathered 281 votes in favor of the no-confidence motion, making it more than 40 votes more than needed. MPs from Social Democratic Party, USR-PLUS, and AUR voted for the cabinet to go home.

The day was marked by a very funny moment. The Opposition mocked the self-imposed nickname Florin Citu created for himself when he said about him he was Superman of Romania. This is why in Parliament there was brought a statue of Superman with his head broken, placed upside down, just like after a bad landing.

Besides, in his speech, the leader of the Opposition, Marcel Ciolacu, the head of PSD – Social Democratic Party, told the former Prime Minister: “Florin! Superman! You landed on your head! Fly safe towards your home!”.

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis stated he was going to invite the parties to a discussion for forming a new Government only next week. This is another factor amplifying the current political crisis, but there are very few things to be wondered about Romania these days.

Meanwhile, in the latest opinion poll, 80% of the Romanians affirmed the country is heading in the wrong direction. Maybe this could persuade the leaders, starting with the President, to act more responsibly and to start caring about the voice of the people first and only afterward about their own political interests.

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