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February 22, 2020
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Romanian Patient Suspected To Have Wuhan Coronavirus – Tests Are Negative

Romania has registered its first case of a patient suspected to be infected with Wuhan Coronavirus. Starting from February 12, Romania might have been placed officially on the world map of Wuhan Coronavirus, which, at the moment we post this article, shows the number of infected patients exceeded 45,000 worldwide, with more than 1,000 deaths.

The Romanian patient suspected to be infected with Coronavirus is a medical assistant which treated Wuhan coronavirus patients in Germany. Supposedly, especially because he has medical knowledge and because he was working in an environment with a high potential of infections, he took all the precaution measures necessary. Anyway, his symptoms resembled the ones typical for the Coronavirus patients and the previous flu tests were negative; these made him suspicious for being infected with the deadly Wuhan virus.

The patient came back in Romania from Germany on February 7, but he traveled along the country, to visit his relatives and also to a winter resort. He was hospitalized in February 11 after presenting symptoms similar to the patients infected with Coronavirus.

Now the tests are negative and Romania remains one of the European countries which are Coronavirus free.

The doctors advise the population to stay calm and take the usual measures to prevent getting infected.

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