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June 17, 2024
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Romanian Opposition Launches Handwriting Marathon for Plagiarized Doctoral Thesis

The liberal political party Save Romania Union started investigating the Romanian Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucian Bode, to prove its doctoral thesis was a plagiarism act.

Since the Minister of Education resigned over plagiarism allegations, which created another scandal in the Romanian political sphere, USR (Save Romania Union) party has tried to expose the politicians who have plagiarized theses.

USR started a marathon of the handwriting of the Minister of Internal Affairs doctoral thesis, found at the National Library in Bucharest only in digital format, where the monitors’ photography is prohibited. Sounds funny, but it’s true.

We are doing a marathon of handwriting Minister Bode’s doctoral thesis. Because the work cannot be found in bookstores or other libraries, the thesis cannot be photocopied or photographed. It exists only in scanned page format. You are not even allowed to take pictures of the computer screen.

Iulian Bulai, USR deputy

USR’s approach comes in the context in which Lucian Bode said that his doctoral thesis can be consulted at the National Library of Romania and added that he would sue those who will say that he kept his thesis secret.

The suspicion of plagiarism on a politician was and still is a weapon of other politicians or journalists to publicly demonstrate a crime committed by the Romanian leadership to dismiss the accused. Although there have been cases of plagiarism among Romanian politicians, authorities do not take any measures to investigate all the people in Romania’s leadership. The work carried out by USR is an unofficial investigation that wants to demonstrate the veracity of a seemingly trivial aspect but with an essential substrate in Romanian politics.

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