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December 9, 2022
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Only in Romania: Minister of Education Resigns Over Plagiarism Allegations

Romanian Minister of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, announced his resignation following plagiarism allegations. He is the latest in a series of public persons accused of plagiarism. The previous politician implied in a plagiarism scandal is the Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca. His situation has not been cleared yet.

The Romanian minister was accused of plagiarizing one of his scientific works. In response to these accusations, Sorin Cimpeanu denied accusations, mentioning that his scientific work was done very professionally, respecting all the rules and those who launched the scandal wanted to block the Education laws, whom he categorized as pure illiterates.

However, Cimpeanu announced that he had resigned from his initiative in a message on Facebook.

I believe in Educated Romania and I will support the “Educated Romania” Laws in my capacity as a teacher, rector and senator. The draft laws “Educated Romania” represent the best chance for education as I think we all want. Otherwise, in the absence of fair access to quality education, there will be even more people who do not perceive content and do not understand the true meaning of words. I thank all those who honestly chose to support education!

Sorin Cimpeanu, former Minister of Education

Civic groups protested his appointment to Florin Citu‘s government in December 2020 due to his prior advocacy of plagiarism suspects while serving as a minister in Victor Ponta‘s (Social Democrat) ministry. President Klaus Johannis, whose main political objective throughout his two terms in office was the “Educated Romania” initiative, supported Cimpeanu. But as plagiarism allegations surfaced in the media, the resignation was inevitable.

Minister of Research Sebastian Burduja will temporarily take over the management of the Education Ministry.

Photo source: Romanian Ministry of Education

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