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November 29, 2023
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Romanian MEP: We Didn’t Kill Ceausescu to Freeze in Apartments Again

A Romanian MEP made certain statements that created controversies regarding European energy-saving solidarity.

According to Mihai Tudose, Romania should set aside European solidarity in times of crisis. Romanian MEP assets that Romania will be in solidarity but will never agree to cut 15-20% of Romania’s consumption to save someone else.

The statements were made following the EU recommendations to reduce energy waste for the year 2022-2023. The Romanian authorities take into account that Romania should apply a forced reduction of energy if a consensus is reached in the European Union for a mandatory reduction of energy consumption during peak hours.

As a result, a Romanian MEP, Mihai Tudose, reacted, appealing to the public conscience and recalling the events of 1989, saying that Romania did not kill two people (Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu) on Christmas Day to be forced to start all over again with energy restrictions.

The social democrat also explained why it was decided against capping the price of Russian gas: the capping brought with it the lack of gas, something that was impossible for states such as Germany, which were dependent on Russian gas, to accept.

Regarding this aspect, the Romanian MEP declared some truthful words, something that you rarely hear from a Romanian politician, from which the following are subtracted: In Europe is not equality, for which there will be no solidarity.

The one that built its entire economy (Germany) bought gas six times cheaper than what others bought, which boosted its economic competitiveness and boost their profit. Then we were no longer in solidarity, right? They only relied on that source, and now they have a problem. We, who have not benefited from the benefits, excuse the pun, since then, are now standing a little more upright. It’s a problem now, and we have to be in solidarity. I understand, we will be in solidarity. Romania exported two thousand megawatts the day before yesterday. All right, we export, but I will never agree to cut 15-20 of Romania’s light bulbs or consumption to save someone else.

Mihai Tudose, Romanian MEP

The Romanian MEP claims that Romania can get by without problems this winter, therefore, Romania has no reason to be in solidarity with Europe in this situation.

The Romanian social democratic party’s president, Marcel Ciolacu, is on the same page as Romanian MEP regarding the forced energy restriction. He reaffirms his decision not to ask the Romanians to make savings on electricity, thinking that the Romanians have paid their share of obligations in 50 years of the communist regime when they suffered from the cold due to energy restrictions.

No one is forced to do anything. As long as I will be co-president of this coalition, I will not support something to force Romanians once again. Enough! We were obliged… We have paid our share of obligations, 50 years of communism is enough for us.

Marcel Ciolacu, PSD president

Considering that Romania has the necessary resources to be an energy-independent state, the idea of ​​solidarity seems to be more a criterion of the EU than Romania’s need.

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