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December 10, 2023
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Romanian Local Producers Protest Against Government’s Decision to Close Indoor Vegetable Markets

Starting on Monday, November 9, Romania entered partial quarantine. Among other controversial decisions, one raised particular interest: the decision to close the indoor vegetable markets.

Romanian Government took this decision disregarding the need for the Romanians to buy fresh vegetables form their favorite local producers. Besides, the decision to keep only the open-air markets open does not apply to the indoor supermarkets and this was not explained to the public. The accusations against the Government is that the decision favors the international supermarket chains over the local producers.

The question raised by the local producers is fair: why do the indoor markets from inside the malls are allowed to be opened, and the local producers who sell their vegetables in the indoor markets, are not? Why do the authorities consider the traditional markets more dangerous than the supermarkets?

At the moment there are more small spontaneous protests all over the country and the local authorities try to help the indoor markets by relocating them in the open air.

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