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March 4, 2024
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Romania in Partial Quarantine: New Restrictions Starting Monday, November 9

From Monday, November 9, Romania enters partial quarantine. Measures will be taken for a period of 30 days.

After three days in which the number infected with Sars COV-2 infections increased alarmingly, exceeding 10,000 cases per day, the National Committee for Emergency Situations issued a new decision. Schools will operate only online, private and state employees will work, if possible, in teleworking mode, the protective mask becomes mandatory in all public spaces, closed or open, shops will close at 21.00 at latest and the declaration for going out from home during night becomes mandatory.

According to the official decision, here are the obligations and restrictions that will come into force starting Monday, November 9 on the Romanian territory:

  • the obligation to wear a protective mask, so as to cover the nose and mouth, at national level, for all persons above the age of 5, in all public spaces, opened or closed, regardless of the value of the cumulative incidence rate of cases per thousand people during the last 14 days.
  • all public institutions, as well as all public or private economic operators have the obligation to organize the activity and carry out the work program in teleworking system or working from home, and where the specific activities does not allow this, to organize the working schedule so that the staff is divided into at least two groups to start or finish the activity at a difference of at least 2 hours.
  • in all localities, the teaching activities which require the physical presence of preschoolers and students in schools to be carried out online.
  • the movement of persons outside the home / household is prohibited between 23.00 – 05.00 (except for cases of professional interest, for medical care, while transiting, as well as other justifiable reasons).
  • all the persons are obliged to present, at the request of the competent authorities staff, the working ID, the certificate issued by the employer or a declaration on their own responsibility;

Also, in order to verify the reason for the reason for the travel during quarantine hours, the persons are obliged to present, at the request of the staff of the competent authorities, a declaration completed in advance. The declaration must include the name and surname, date of birth, address of the dwelling / household / place of professional activity, reason for travel, date of completion and signature.

Moreover, holding of meetings on the occasion of holidays, anniversaries, parties in closed and / or open spaces, public and / or private is prohibited. Also, the activity of agri-food markets in closed spaces, fairs, fairs, mixed and flying markets and flea markets (agri-food markets that can be organized in open public areas remain open) is suspended.

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