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May 22, 2024
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Romanian Law On Offshore Wind Energy Promulgated

President Klaus Iohannis promulgated the law on offshore wind energy, opening the way for potential business opportunities and partnerships for Romania and local and foreign entrepreneurs.

The law regulates the general framework for implementing electricity production projects from offshore wind resources in Romania.

The implementation of electricity generation projects from offshore wind resources shall be carried out in compliance with the principle of non-discrimination, in conditions of fair competition, and in compliance with the principle of integrated pollution prevention and control through the use of the best available techniques for activities with significant environmental impact.

Romanian Law on Offshore Wind Energy

According to it, in offshore wind energy production, the Ministry of Energy has the following powers: It carries out expert studies based on which it establishes the offshore perimeters that can be offered for concession and identifies the essential technical information related to the perimeters in question, which is made available to economic operators interested in participating in the competitive tendering procedure, establishes the offshore perimeters that can be concessioned for the exploration of the perimeters and the construction and operation of offshore wind power plants in compliance with the prohibited areas.

The Ministry of Energy concludes the concession contract, receives and manages the data and information on offshore wind resources communicated by the concessionaires, ensuring the storage, systematization and exploitation, draws the model concession framework contract, which includes the rights and obligations of the parties, draws up the state aid scheme, and as granting authority it monitors and controls the concessionaire’s compliance with the provisions of the concession contract.

Within three months from the date of entry into force of this law, the Ministry of Energy shall initiate the procedures for preparing an expert study for the concession process and the exploration, construction and operation of offshore wind power plants, Agerpres reports. 

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