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April 19, 2024
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Romania’s Law for COVID-19 Green Pass Failed in the Senate

Romania’s Law for COVID-19 Green Pass failed to be adopted by the Romanian Senate. Sixty-nine votes were needed, while only 67 senators voted for the law.

The leaders of the nationalist party AUR claimed their victory in fighting the discrimination in Romania.

VICTORY in the Senate! The law for the Green Pass Certificate has been rejected! The supporters of the sanitary dictatorship were too few to adopt this law. The fight goes on in the Chamber of Deputies. Your support, expressed through thousands of messages sent to the senators, by phone and e-mails, mattered the most. Together we can stop the DICTATORSHIP!

Claudiu Tarziu, co-president of AUR, on Green Pass Certificate rejection in the Senate

The Romanian Chamber of Deputies will decide the final form of the law in the following weeks.

In Romania, the Green Pass is compulsory even now. It allows vaccinated individuals and those who are tested and have a recent negative result to enter indoor spaces, such as theaters or even public institutions.

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