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February 3, 2023
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Romanian ForMin Response to Hungarian PM’s Speech

Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, criticizes the Hungarian Prime Minister’s speech in Romania.

The visit of the Hungarian Prime Minister to Romania was not without incidents on race and ethnicity, and the Romanian minister promptly responded to Viktor Orban’s remarks. According to the Prime Minister of Hungary, the world is in a decade of risk, and he did not anticipate the foundations of Western civilization to start to fall. Viktor Orban stated that the migration phenomenon had split Europe in two, and these two sides are at war.

Minister Aurescu replied that it is regrettable that such ideas were propagated from the territory of Romania, especially since Romania’s official positions are different from those theses.

Of course, each state defines its positions on international issues as it considers, but, as is well known, Romania does not share these inappropriate views, which we clearly distance ourselves from, because they affect European solidarity regarding the action in support of Ukraine.

Bogdan Aurescu, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Bogdan Aurescu added that at the same time, Prime Minister Orban’s speech on Saturday did not bring anything fundamentally new, and these are the same concepts that he saw in the positions of Hungarian officials, only that they were put together, and some were elaborated more broadly.

The position adopted by Hungary regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia was opposite to Romania’s. Hungary closed its borders with Ukraine so refugees could not enter the country.

It seems that one of the reasons why Hungary resorted to this measure was gender ideology. According to the Prime Minister of Hungary, the phenomenon of migration divides Europe in two, and the mixing of races is the main reason for the loss of national identity. Considering that Viktor Orban wanted to mention this on the territory of Romania, in the area of ​​Transylvania, where a minority of Hungarian citizens live, attracted many controversies.

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