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March 3, 2024
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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban in Romania: Western Civilization Moved to Eastern Europe!

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, declared on Saturday, at Băile Tuşnad, that the world is in decadence, as cited by Agerpres.

Viktor Orban believes that among the most thorny problems facing Europe are the demographic crisis, the crisis of spirituality, the power of the West, but also a political crisis, recalling, among other things, that Europe has lost control over energy resources and raw materials, “both necessary to support economic performance”.

The thorniest problem continued to be the demographic problem. There are more funerals than births. (…) The second challenge is the migration phenomenon, which has divided Europe. The migration phenomenon divided Europe in two. The West simply fell apart, it split in two. On the one hand, we have countries, and nations, where we have Europeans and non-Europeans, living together. Those states are no longer nations, there are conglomerates of peoples. We can no longer speak, I say, of the West, it is about a post-Western structure and, according to the rules of mathematics, that great demographic change is happening. In that part of our continent (…), the percentage of the non-European population will increase to over 50%. And we have the other side of Europe, of the West, Central and Eastern Europe, that is, it is about us. I don’t want to create confusion, but I say it anyway, in the spiritual sense, the West has moved to our region. Here we have the West, a post-Western structure, and a battle between the two parts of Europe. So, we made an offer to the post-Westerners, we told them to leave us alone to decide who we wanted to be neighbors with and who we wanted to live with. The post-Westerners refused this offer and said no, we would turn you into what we are or have become. Now there is less talk about migration, but believe me, nothing has changed. Brussels and the sorosist teams simply want to force us to accept the migrants.

Viktor Orban in Baile Tusnad, Romania, on Western decadence

In this context, the Hungarian Prime Minister referred to the “gender ideology,” noting that “this Western madness will not have a majority in this part of the world”.

Our position is elementary here as well. We ask, it’s an offer of tolerance: we don’t want to tell them how to live, we only ask them to accept that with us, the father is a man, the mother is a woman and that our children be left in peace. And let this be accepted by the Soros army as well. It would be imperative to understand in the West that this is not an ideological issue but simply the most important issue of life in Hungary and this part of the world. This Western madness will never have a majority in this part of the world. Hungarians and others do not accept that these are gender, transnational, transgender things. (…) So please, let’s not confuse and let’s not get confused with war, energy and economic crises because that draws a screen in front of our eyes and around the issue of transgender and migration. But in fact, the turning point of the future is these issues: demography, migration and ideo-gender logic, and this is the stake of the fight between the left and the right. Don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, that our future depends on this issue and how we can defend ourselves,

Viktor Orban on gender issues

In his speech, the Hungarian Prime Minister also said, among other things, that Hungary will look for allies who share the same visions, considering it very important that the country stays out of war, migration, global tax and transgender ideology, as well as the general recession in Europe.

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