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January 30, 2023
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Former Romanian Minister of Environment Investigated for Corruption

Update Tuesday, January 5: Romanian presidency approved the request of the anti-corruption prosecutors for officially accusing former Romanian Minister of Environment, Mr. Costel ALEXE.

Former Romanian Environment Minister, Mr. Costel ALEXE, is investigated for corruption by the Romanian Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA). He is under investigation for receiving goods in exchange for his actions during his mandate as a minister.

The investigation is ongoing and the procedure asks for the Anti-Corruption Directorate to request the go-ahead for prosecuting the former minister from the Romanian presidency. After this step is accomplished and the president agrees with the prosecutors’ request, the former minister can be officially accused and evidence can be gathered.

The measures which can be taken once the accusations are made can go all the way up to preventive arrest. It wouldn’t be the first case of a former minister investigated or arrested in Romania, but it is one which reminds Romanians the fight against corruption is not over yet.

So far, the presidency hasn’t yet agreed with the prosecutors’ request, as it’s not just a simple formality, but the history of these criminal charges in Romania tells us it is a matter of days until the authorities receive the go-ahead from the chief of state.

Romania is one of the most polluted countries in Europe, with its capital city, Bucharest, being ranked among the most polluted in the world. Also, Romania has been warned by the European Commission for its lack of measures against illegal logging and for not combating pollution as it should.

In October 2020 Romania was under infringement procedures for not taking proper actions for protecting the environment. Hopefully, with a new government in office, the environment would be among the top priorities for the minister responsible.

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