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December 8, 2023
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Romanian Delegation Attends ‘Invest in Chisinau’ Economic Forum

A Romanian delegation attends the first edition of the economic forum dedicated to investing in Chisinau. The event, organized in the Republic of Moldova’s capital city, aims to connect the country’s capital with potential investors and stimulate the implementation of investment projects.

The Chisinau Economic Forum brings together more than 500 guests, business representatives, academic and NGO environment, experts in various economic fields, foreign investors, and official delegations of twin cities and partner cities. ‘Invest in Chisinau’ aims to provide a platform for discussions and debates on the investment and development potential of Chisinau.

The event was opened by the general mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban, with an interesting presentation of Chisinau, especially of its economic and geographical opportunities.

Chisinau Mayor opening the ceremony at the Invest in Chisinau forum

According to Invest in Chisinau’s official site, the event aims to establish bridges with potential investors and boost the implementation of investment projects, which provide benefits to the business community and at the same time support the building of a modern city with a developed infrastructure and quality services, thus offering better living conditions to the city’s inhabitants. This is why a larger Romanian delegation would’ve been more than desired.

The only representative from Bucharest Local Administration to ‘Invest in Chisinau 2022’ is the Vice Mayor of Sector 5, Oleg Burlacu. Nobody from Bucharest City Hall, let alone Bucharest General Mayor, attends the forum. It is disappointing that the other Sectors in Bucharest haven’t found the necessary resources to send their representatives to this important event.

Oleg Burlacu at Investors Forum in Chisinau: Invest in Chisinau 2022
Bucharest Sector 5 Vice mayor Oleg Burlacu at Chisinau Economic Forum

I am glad to be able to represent the local administration of the Municipality of Bucharest at the first edition of the Chisinau Economic Forum, 2022, “Invest in Chisinau”.
One of my goals is to maintain and develop economic and social relationships with our brothers from the Republic of Moldova, and this participation is the first step to be taken towards accomplishing this goal.

Oleg Burlacu, vice mayor of Sector 5, Bucharest

According to Oleg Burlacu, he attempts to strengthen Romania and Moldova’s partnership. Again, while his presence there is to be appreciated, Romanians have a saying: a single flower doesn’t make a spring. We consider that a higher level of representativity wouldn’t harm anybody from Bucharest, but on the contrary: Romania could learn a lot from Moldovan initiatives in attracting investors.

Recently, a scandal brought to public attention the controversial relations between Romania and the sister country: Romanian Investors Association in Moldova wasn’t invited to Moldova Business Week 2022. In this context, sending only one politician to the ‘Invest in Chisinau’ forum might be seen as a reply from Bucharest.

Beyond any controversy or political disputes, it is essential for both Romania and Moldovia to support and invest in the future of both countries and expand areas of expertise to attract more foreign investments.

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