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March 4, 2024
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Diplomatic Blunder: Romanian Investors Association in Moldova Not Invited to Moldova Business Week 2022

The liaison between the two countries, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, goes beyond the fact that both share the same language and history. Romania is, as some say, the best friend Moldova has in the region and is the biggest foreign investor in the sister country. Also, Romania is a very active actor in the EU in supporting Moldova to join the European economic space.

In this context, the most significant economic event dedicated to the investors in the Republic of Moldova, Moldova Business Week 2022, would’ve been an excellent opportunity for the Romanian Investors Association in Moldova – AIR to strengthen their partnerships in the country. Also, it would’ve been a chance for AIR to attract other Romanian companies to invest in the sister country.

Yet, the Moldovan officials didn’t consider it a priority to invite AIR to the event, a gesture that puzzled the Romanian Ambassador to Chisinau, HE Cristian-Leon Turcanu.

I noticed with surprise that AIR – Romainan Association of the Investors in Moldova is not part of Moldova Business Week 2022, a large-scale event dedicated to business, given that the direct investments of the 30 AIR members represent over 54% of foreign direct investments in the Republic of Moldova in the last 10 years.
Companies from #Romania present in the Republic of Moldova have created over 10,000 jobs and have a total turnover of almost 1 billion euros.
Romania remains the main commercial partner of the Republic of Moldova, and the prospects for development are particularly good.

HE Cristian-Leon Turcanu on the diplomatic blunder of the Moldovan officials

The president of AIR, Mr. Dan Nutiu, also expressed his surprise at this diplomatic blunder, but he mentioned that the Republic of Moldova also refused to invite the Association in 2021.

We cannot explain the reason for our absence from the event. Probably, the current format was established before the change of the management of the Investment Agency. We were not invited to last year’s edition either, and probably the same format was kept. It was probably a minor mistake on their part this year and I can’t explain the reason for the absence. It is a message that gives us reasons for concern, in the context in which Romania is the main economic partner of the Republic of Moldova

Dan Nutiu, the executive president of AIR, cited by Deschide.md

A minor mistake? A lack of communication, as the Moldovan PM, Natalia Gavrilita, mentioned during a local TV show? It is ridiculous to blame the lack of communication for failing to invite the Romanian Investors Association to such an event.

On the contrary, it seems highly probable that the proximity of the conflict in Ukraine has made Moldovans think twice when it comes to praising the Romanian investments in their country. Hence the “lack of communication” and the so-called diplomatic blunder. If the two people don’t understand each other’s Romanian language, maybe the Romanian diplomats to Chisinau and the Romanian investors in the Republic of Moldova would instead start learning Russian immediately.

A “minor” mistake? It could be a well-planned gesture, and Romania should consider this behaviour before taking further action. As in that famous movie quote, winter is coming!

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