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September 25, 2023
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Romanian Cultural Events Move Online

In Romania, a series of cultural events move online in the context of Coronavirus pandemic. This way, people can still see the shows without the fear of getting infected.

Teatrul Tandarica, a renowned Romanian theater for kids, decided to broadcast live, on its Facebook page, the future plays. Its first broadcast is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, at 10.00 local time.

Also, the Opera from Iasi, announced this week it will start broadcasting its future shows. The plays will be watched for free by accessing the Iasi Romanian National Opera page. Thus, opera lovers will still be able to feel a part of the magic they were used to in the concert halls.

More and more theaters announced their intention of broadcasting their plays, some for free, some for a small fee, the gesture being offered to all those who can’t or wouldn’t get out of their homes.

Romanian cultural events move online, and this is definitely a tendency which will be followed by many other from the entertainment industry.

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