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April 19, 2024
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Romanian Billionaires 2024

The World Billionaires Ranking is compiled each year by the famous Forbes magazine. Some top billionaires become richer each time, while others exit the top to leave room for new arrivals. There is no exception this year, but on the contrary, Romania has six billionaires in the ranking.

Who are the Romanian billionaires in 2024?

Forbes compiled an extensive list of the billionaires in the world. According to Forbes, this is the top of the Romanian billionaires in 2024.

1. Daniel Dines, UiPath founder: $ 2.7 Billion

Daniel Dines on Forbes cover.

This guy has done something no Romanian entrepreneur had accomplished before him: crafting the first Romanian unicorn. After that, he reached the decacorn level with a market cap of $ 10 billion.

UiPath is a respected RPA corporation with a market capitalization of $12.27 Billion. What do these guys do to add value to humanity? RPA – Robotic Process Automation. They replace humans with software to accomplish repetitive tasks within the company. For example, you no longer need to issue invoices to the clients. The software they offer you can do this every month: the robot opens your contract, reads the clauses you have with your client, calculates the fees, the spending, and all the other necessary data, then issues the invoice, opens your e-mail, and writes an excellent copy to the client informing him about the invoice, attaches the invoice and sends it to the client. Impressive? This is only an example. Their software can do even more!

Daniel Dines established the company in Romania but later headquartered it in New York. That helped him throughout the financing rounds and offered him the necessary momentum to leverage it and make it public.

2. Ion Tiriac, the financial, real estate and automotive industry mogul: $ 2.1 Billion

Ion Tiriac-billionaires in Romania
Photo Source: Forbes Website

Forbes considers Ion Tiriac the second in the Romanian billionaires’ top in 2024.

Ion Tiriac is a former tennis player. He played along with Ilie Nastase, the tennis legend who was the first to be number 1 in the ATP rankings.

There is no official testimony of how Tiriac made his first million. But this didn’t hinder him from acquiring quite a fortune from his business. Moreover, he has plenty of money and time to admire his impressive classic car collection: the Tiriac Collection.

3. Dragos Paval, Adrian Paval, Romanian DIY Dedeman store chain owners: $ 3.5 Billion

Dragos Paval-Billionaire in Romania in top Forbes
Photo Source: Forbes Website

The cumulated fortune of the brothers who established the Romanian home improvement & DIY giant Dedeman is impressive.

The two brothers recently approached real estate office renting and other niches they have never been in. Also, they have opened 56 stores in Romania and are preparing to expand to other markets in the region. Recently, their company exceeded the Ukrainian competitor Epicentr for the first time, positioning Dedeman in fourth in the region.

4. Ion Stoica and Matei Zaharia, co-founders of Databricks: 2.4 Billion Combined

Romania Billionaires 2022
Photo Source: Forbes Website

Ion Stoica is a computer scientist specializing in distributed systems, cloud computing, and computer networking. He is a co-director of AMPLab and a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. He co-founded Databricks alongside Matei Zaharia, the Chief Technologist of Databrinks.

In general, Databricks, a startup founded in 2013, provides for handling enormous amounts of data using a technique known as lakehouse architecture. The invention gives customers access to all of the benefits of lake data technology, which allows massive amounts of unstructured data to be stored alongside information filtered from data warehouses. Databricks is currently worth more than 38 billion dollars. Both co-founders, Matei Zaharia and Ion Stoica have an estimated fortune of 1.2 billion each.


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