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July 16, 2024
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Romanian 5 G Law Promulgated

Romanian 5 G Law, or, as some call it, the anti-Huawei law, was promulgated by the Romanian president on Friday, June 11. This week, the Romanian Senate adopted the law, the Chamber of Deputies already did that.

Basically, the Romanian 5 G Law mentions the following:

  • Romania takes into consideration the international partnerships with the EU and the USA. Here the main partnership to be taken into consideration is the one signed with the Americans in August 2019
  • Each 5 G technology supplier or developer needs to be approved by the PM’s decision after it gets by the Supreme Council of National Defense
  • The 5 G providers and operators that don’t abide by the law are sanctioned with a fine between 1% and 5% of their revenues.

Romania signed a memorandum with the US in August 2019, during an official visit of the Romanian president Klaus Iohannis, who met the then US president, Donald Trump. Starting from that moment, Romania postponed the 5 G tenders and prepared the legislative framework necessary to ban the Chinese companies, mainly Huawei, from the Romanian market.

Huawei is the wrong way became the motto of the Americans when it came to debates regarding the presence of the Chinese giant on the Romanian market. Almost two years from the signing of the memorandum have passed and Romania kept its word: Huawei will be banned from the Romanian 5 G market.

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