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March 4, 2024
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Romania Will Not Compete in Eurovision 2024

Romania is one of the missing countries in the Eurovision Contest this year. The TVR- Romanian Television Board decided on Thursday, January 25. The board members of TVR discussed deciding whether the country should participate in Eurovision 2024.

Apparently, the primary consideration was the financial aspects, but the country was involved in different scandals at the Eurovision. One example: in 2022, Romania’s votes at the Eurovision were stolen, and the country was not allowed to vote during the ceremony.

Thirteen members voted on this matter: five supported participation at Eurovision 2024, four opposed the participation, and four abstained.

Therefore, Romania won’t join the list of participating countries at Eurovision 2024. Based on TVR‘s statement, other projects will get financial priority, like the Olympic Games in Paris.

Last year, the Eurovision participation fee for Romania was around 180,000 euros, but the country’s representative didn’t get to the finals.

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