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June 22, 2024
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Eurovision 2023: As Expected, Romania’s Representative Failed to Qualify for Final

No surprise here. As we anticipated in February, Romania’s song and the country’s representative’s performance were so lame that Romania didn’t make it to the final of the EUROVISION contest 2023.

At that time, we said that the song was not the most valuable that Romania could’ve sent to Eurovision. We were polite, as it turned out.

This year, Romania only counted the public votes. No specialized jury interfered, and the result was, to be fair, not the most valuable song in the national competition or the best performance Romania had in the national final.

If failure had a name in music, that name would be “Off and On.” Romania failed, once again, to qualify for the final of Eurovision 2023. This time, a boy dressed in some sort of loathing pink suit with matching shorts and socks took a punt at performing. His “performance” was so lame that his failure would deafeningly echo in Bucharest for months.

Critics and social media users pointed out that the Romanian so-called “artist” tried to hide his mediocrity behind flashy clothes. By wearing a grotesque pink suit and matching shorts and socks, probably inspired or supporting the LGBTQ movement, the guy must have thought he could get away with his mediocre voice and lack of musical talent. His yelling at the audience was certainly not appreciated by the public or jury.

Fortunately for those who will watch the final on Saturday, but also for Romanian fans, the country’s representative won’t have the “opportunity” to embarrass himself at Liverpool Arena. The Gods of Music must have heard his yelling on stage and mercifully shortened his stay in the city that offered the Beatles to the world.

There is something notable here: the Romanian represented his country by winning a selection where only the public’ votes were counted, with no jury interference whatsoever. The question is – how bad are Romanians’ taste in music?

Romanians will probably go all-in for Moldova

On the other hand, Romania’s sister country, MOLDOVA, has a good chance of impressing the public with “Soarele si Luna” performed by Pasha Parfeni in Romanian. Better listen to this music, as Moldovans prove, year after year, they have good taste in music and offer inspirational performances.

While Romania is missing from the final, most probably, Romanians in the country and all over Europe will go all in for Moldova. From this perspective, with all these votes, plus the ones that will come from people genuinely enjoying the song, we bet our bottom dollar that Moldova could rank among the Top 5 this year, if not even higher.

Good luck, Moldova!

Next time, Romania! Next time…

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