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March 5, 2024
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Romania Has World’s Third Best Digital Nomad Visa

Romania is the world’s third-best digital nomad visa in the world. Spain is the top country for digital nomads, according to the VisaGuide Digital Nomad Index, with a score of 4.50. Argentina follows it in the 2nd place with a score of 3.72.

Apart from Romania on 3rd, the United Arab Emirates and Croatia are ranked 4th and 5th, respectively to complete the top five list of the best countries for Digital Nomads.

The Digital Nomad Visa Index utilizes a unique scoring system to rank countries. Factors in this scoring system include:

  • Active Visa Availability.
  • Internet Speed.
  • Taxation Policies and Tax-Free Length.
  • Income Requirements for Visa Applications.
  • Cost of Living in Euros.
  • Global Health Score (GHS).
  • Tourism Popularity.

Romania has a few vital points for a digital nomad visa: the internet speed is one of the attraction points the country offers digital nomads. Apart from that, the cost of living in Bucharest, the country’s capital, is affordable. Also, the entertainment, the nightlife and the other tourist attractions are reasons digital nomads choose Romania.

Digital nomads could significantly boost the local economy, especially for destinations that become popular among the nomad communities. These freelancers earn good bucks and spend most of them in the local economy. This means that the popular destinations among digital nomads take advantage of these digital nomad visas, and the advantages are mutual, both for the digital nomad and the local entrepreneurs.

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