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April 21, 2024
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Digital Nomad Visa Romania is Here

Digital Nomad Visa in Romania is approved. Romania is now one of the countries that welcome the digital nomads and offers a legal frame for them to work in Romania and get a long-term visa for the period of staying in the country.

A digital nomad visa is something that digital nomads worldwide are looking for whenever they like to move out to work from a new destination. So far, Romania was not on their list. From now on, Romania could be their destination of choice. Why?

Let’s find out a few reasons for the digital nomads coming to Romania and asking for a digital nomad visa.

Reasons to have your digital nomad visa in Romania

There are quite a few reasons why the digital nomads head for Romania.

1. Fastest broadband in Europe

According to broadband statistics, Romania is the best country in Europe by internet speed. While the internet is the main communication channel for digital nomads, this could be a decisive factor for anybody looking for a good internet speed at a reasonable price.

Let’s not forget here that Romania has one of the lowest costs globally for the internet, offering the best speed-cost ratio in the world.

2. Low cost of living

It’s not something to boast about, but the country has one of the lowest living costs in Europe. For example, a lot lower than Germany, France, or Italy, but also lower than Estonia, one of the most sought-after countries in Europe by the digital nomads.

It’s not only about food here, but also the cost of accommodation and transport, both important for any digital nomad who wants not only to work but also to travel and visit the country.

3. Lots of places to have fun

Romania is also known for its vibrant nightlife, and it has lots of places to spare your free time most pleasantly or entertainingly possible. The cozy coffee shops, the traditional restaurants, the nightclubs, and even the casinos are all attractions to tourists and locals alike.

While preparing for your digital nomad life in Romania, also be prepared for embracing the local ways of having fun!

4. Lots of travel destinations to visit

Romania is the hidden gem of Europe, and this is not part of any ad or promotion. The country is just being discovered, and the documentaries like ‘Flavours of Romania’ presented by the famous British TV director Charlie Ottley are now attracting foreign tourists to the country. Even Prince Charles of Great Britain has bought an entire village here, restoring the cottages and offering its co-nationals a glimpse of Romania when visiting the country.

Romania has a perfect combination of mountain and seaside resorts, but also a perfect combination between rural areas and modern urban landscapes.

It’s the country and especially Bucharest, the main large city to attract tourists. Bucharest is also a place to attract digital nomads, as it’s the most dynamic, cosmopolit,e and vibrant city in Romania.

How to get your digital nomad visa to Romania?

If you are a digital nomad and want to work for any company in the world from a place where the internet speed is fast, the food is cheap, and the entertainment is endless, Romania should be the first on the list.

But how do you get your visa as a digital nomad for Romania?

First off, the visas will be obtained only from the Romanian embassies abroad. You have to go and apply for a digital nomad visa at one of the Romanian embassies.

Apart from the application itself, you have to provide proof you work for a company, proof of medical insurance, and guarantee you have a minimum revenue of 1,150 EUR a month. This is one of the lowest revenues required for a digital nomad visa in Europe.

One thing though: the digital nomad is defined, by the recently adopted Romanian legislation, as someone who wants to stay in the country for at least six months. In other words, if you come to Romania to stay for only a couple of months, this won’t qualify you for a digital nomad visa, even though you work as a digital nomad elsewhere.

Ready to come to Romania and work as a digital nomad?

Nothing simpler! With the law for regulating digital nomad work in Romania already adopted, one has nothing else to do but go to the nearest Romanian embassy and ask for a digital nomad visa.

After that, by having the fastest broadband in Europe and having a low cost of living, you can enjoy life to the fullest while being efficient and creative at work.


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