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November 29, 2023
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Romanian Port of Constanta Takes over Commercial Traffic from Odessa

Constanta, Romania’s Black Sea port, is taking extra traffic of 6,000-7,000 containers per day that can no longer reach Ukraine’s ports, especially Odessa.

Romania’s officials established a road transport corridor from Constanta port to the Albita customs point with Moldova to expedite the movement from Constanta to Moldova and Ukraine, waiving all tariffs for transport businesses who use it.

A number of the containers are destined for Moldova, which typically uses the port of Odesa for seat transfer of imports and exports.

As mentioned by Ziarul Financiar, the director-general of the Romanian National Maritime Administration Company, affirmed that commercial ships carrying supplies for the conflict-affected ports may seek unloading at Constanta, but this can be accommodated depending on the demands and initial route.

These days, because the ports in the conflict zone are partially operational, the ships loaded with goods for ports in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine have requested to unload in the Romanian seaports. These ships are loaded with containers, general cargo and other bulk cargo

Florin Goidea, General Director of the Romanian National Maritime Administration Company

On the other hand, Romania has already decided to suspend the naval traffic on the Chilia (Kiliya) branch, one of the three main distribution channels of the Danube River, due to the Russian army that approached the Romanian border and, reportedly, attacked a Ukrainian military post in the Odessa region. In these circumstances, Romania takes over the transport of the naval trade destined for Ukraine and the transport of civilians from the Odessa region.

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