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July 24, 2024
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Romania Suspends Civilian Naval Traffic on Chilia Branch

Due to the Ukrainian war, Romania decided to suspend the naval traffic on the Chilia (Kiliya) branch, one of the three main distribution channels of the Danube River, starting on March 2.

The reason behind this decision is simple and aims at protecting lives. The Russian bombers have approached Romania’s border perilously close. Reportedly, the Red Army attacked a Ukrainian military post in the Odessa region, only 15 kilometers from Izmail, a Danube city. In this situation, as the Chilia branch begins at the Ismail Islet region, where the Danube splits closed, the decision was made to avoid any event involving civilian ships.

On Wednesday, March 2, the authorities analyze alternative transport for the passengers who, following the decision, will be left without the regular passenger ships in that region.

The Romanian government assures citizens that the country is not involved in the conflict and they have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, horrified by the explosions, hundreds of Ukrainians board the ferry to take them across the Danube to Romania.

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