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February 23, 2024
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Romania Launches Logistics Project Enhancing Ukrainian Exports

Transport Trade Services (TTS), a Romanian freight forwarder, announced on July 7 that it had launched a logistics operation specifically for Ukrainian exports.

According to TTS, the project will significantly enhance the amount of Ukrainian cargo that travels from Reni and Ismail ports to Constanta port via the Danube-Black Sea canal.

Utilizing the TTS buoy terminal, where supplies are transshipped directly from barges to seagoing boats using floating cranes, allows this to be accomplished in the inner harbour of the port of Constanta.

After more than a month of intensive logistical training carried out by TTS together with its Ukrainian partner, a producer and exporter of agricultural products, the first seagoing ship with a capacity of 31,000 tonnes anchored on July 2; the transshipment for the first wheat convoy is already accomplished.

Transport Trade Service

According to See News, the TTS Group organization operates over 100 ports and port terminals throughout nine countries, engaging in freight forwarding, inland waterway transport, port operations, and other related activities.

TTS announced earlier this month that it would obtain EU co-financing for an investment of over EUR 4 million o upgrade the infrastructure of Giurgiu’s Danube river port in Romania.

However, this is not the only measure to facilitate transport from Ukraine. In order for freight trains carrying grain from Ukraine to reach ships without having to change wheels at the border, the Romanian railway firm CFR plans to rehabilitate the historic wide-gauge railway that connects the Port of Galati (Romania) to Giurgiulesti, the International Free Port in Moldova.

Along with the port of Constanta, the Danube port may develop into one of the key nodes in the area for the transit of goods and raw materials.

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