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July 24, 2024
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Romania: President Is Missing – MP Files Missing Person Case

Romania’s President is missing – this is what an Opposition deputy in Romania complained about when he went to the police station to file a missing person case. This could be the best political marketing stunt in years.

Romania’s President has been missing since December 18, the last day he was publicly seen. Thirty days later, Opposition deputy Adrian Axinia went to a police station in Bucharest and filed a formal complaint for the missing person.

Citizen Klaus Johannis has not shown up at work since December 18, failing to fulfill his legal obligations according to the job description established by the Romanian Constitution.
If health problems prevented him from showing up at work, they must be known to his employers: Romanian citizens. If he is in a situation of suffering, as Christians, we would like to be his support.

Official complaint for missing person for President Klaus Johannis

Also, the other major Opposition party, the so-called Reformists, USR, posted on Facebook a visual asking for any information about the missing President Johannis.

“Missing person! He hasn’t been seen since December 18, 2023. He answers to the name KLAUS IOHANNIS”.

USR post on Facebook on Klaus Johannis disappearance

These complaints are pure political marketing, not else. Romania has four elections in 2024, and the campaigns have just started. However, Johannis is a fake target, as he is in his second presidential term. The real target is the Liberal Political Party – PNL, the now ruling party, and the Socialists. PNL is the party initially supporting Johannis for the presidential elections and his ten-year presidential mandate, Lobby Romania reports.

Johannis is known for his way of handling his mandate, with long periods of missing from the office, long vacations to exotic countries, and general apathy to protests or social turmoil in the country. Romanian farmers and transporters organized a massive protest following the German model; the negotiations reached no compromise, and the President’s intervention would’ve been much needed.

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