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June 16, 2024
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Special Forces Block Romanian Farmers from Entering Bucharest

Bucharest Special Forces from Police and Gendarmerie barricaded the entrances to Bucharest to prevent Romanian farmers protesting against the Government from entering the city. The farmers’ protest reached the city gates on Thursday, January 11.

Romanian Gendarmerie

Protesters asked to discuss with the Government’s representatives, but the officials refused to meet the protesters. The only official to meet them was Bucharest’s prefect, who asked for calm.

I invite the protesters’ representatives to the headquarters of the Prefect’s Institution to concretely present their demands. Knowing there is a desire for dialogue is important, so I went among them tonight. However, the protesters’ demands must be presented punctually and concretely to identify solutions. We are ready to start discussions to identify solutions as soon as a delegation is appointed

Bucharest Prefect Rareș Hopincă.
Romanian tractors

The special forces and the national police stopped the protesters at Chiajna, a village near Bucharest’s outskirts.

The Romanian farmers asked for lower taxes and more subsidies for agriculture, but they also asked for Romania not to favour the Ukrainian farmers any longer.

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