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April 17, 2021
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Romania on 2nd in EU by Percentage of Population Immunized with 2nd Dose of Vaccine, 7th in the World

Romania stands on 2nd in the European Union by the percentage of population immunized with the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The information was published in a post by Bloomberg.

Romania on second place in EU by the percentage of population vaccinated with the second dose of anti-covid-19 vaccine

Romania stands on 2nd in the European Union after Malta, with 3.2% of the population vaccinated with the second dose, while Malta already reached 4.4%. Also, Romania ranks 7th in the world by the same criterion. On the other hand, when it comes to percentage of population who received at least one dose of vaccine, Romania stands on 29th in the world, with 4.5%

Romania reached an average of almost 30,000 doses administered a day, by which it stands on 6th in the EU.

What is the best tactic: administering two doses for as many people as possible, or administering at least one dose?

Each country chooses its own strategy and there is no coordination or agreement between nations regarding the best way to approach the vaccination campaign, not even within the European Union.

Some countries, such as Israel, go for administering both doses for their population as quickly as possible.

Other countries prefer vaccinating more population with a single dose, before administering the second one. In the UK, only 1% of the population received the second dose and the kingdom has chosen to have as many people possible immunized with a single dose before starting administering the second.

A hybrid strategy was approached by some countries: Spain decided to administer only one dose to those who had COVID-19 and who are below 55. It is a tactic used to take advantage of the antibodies already developed by those who got well after being infected.

The average rate at the EU level is 4.3% for one dose and 2.3% for the second dose. As a comparison, the United States are way ahead, with 13.9% population vaccinates with one dose and 6.5% with the second dose. Also, UK has very good percentage for the one-dose criterion: 28%. Yet, only 1% took the second shot of vaccine, according to the data published by Bloomberg.

Israel is on top by any criteria: 51% of the population received the first dose of vaccine, while 35.8% already got the second dose.

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