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March 4, 2024
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Romania Is Once Again the Largest Grain Exporter in EU

Romania exported 4,000,000 tons of wheat in the agricultural year 2021. This is a difference of over 35% compared to December 2013.

Romania produced a record 34 million tonnes of grain last year. According to the European Commission, Romania sold almost three-quarters of all EU’s wheat exports. France was second at just over 3 million by 2021.

We are first in European Union wheat sales with 4,000,000 tons exported. Also, we surpassed France, which had more than 35 million tonnes of wheat but the quality declined due to the rains. However, they were able to export about 30% of their wheat. They also had 70% fodder and 30% baking wheat.

Cezar Gheorghe, the expert analyst in grain trade

This is the best performance for Romanian agriculture in recent years. There are also prospects to surpass the exports for the years 2019-2020 and 2018-2019, which saw record-breaking wheat productions in Romania, at 10.1 and 10.3 million tons, respectively.

Our country is a highly agrarian one that exports due to surplus. We use for the internal market about 3.3million tons of the 11.3 million tonnes of wheat we harvest. What do you do with the rest of it? We export it. Romania exported 4 million tonnes of wheat by December 31, and Romania was first in the Black Sea Basin for GASC sales. Romania currently leads the rankings with 1.62 Million tons of wheat sold in Egypt.

Cezar Gheorghe

In August 2021, Romania has positioned in second place in wheat production after France. Now, it looks like Romania is not only the best in Europe by production, but also by exports.

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