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September 26, 2022
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Romania Has among Lowest Breastfeeding Rates in Europe

One of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in Europe is in Romania. According to statistics, the proportion of exclusive breastfeeding is half that of the average in Europe.

The percentage of mothers who opt to breastfeed their children exclusively has been declining over the past few years. Romania is one of the European nations with the lowest breastfeeding rates.

According to National Institute of Public Health (INSP) data, Romania has only 12,6% rates of exclusive breastfeeding, while Europe averages 25%. According to data, in urban settings, longer-term breastfeeding rates are significantly higher than in rural settings.

Data studied in dynamics show a decline in the rate of exclusive breastfeeding in recent years. As the average rate is 25% in Europe, we still have to consider that this rate is rising to 43% globally.

Romanian obstetrics and gynecology expert Dr. George Diaconu thinks that one reason for Romania’s low breastfeeding rate is the lack of knowledge.

From medical practice, we can identify some factors responsible for the low rate of breastfeeding, such as the lack of information on the benefits of breast milk on the child, the mother and the insufficient number of zonal breastfeeding advisors.

Dr. George Diaconu

According to World Health Organization projections, more breastfeeding might prevent 20,000 breast cancer-related deaths yearly.

This may have an even more significant impact given that breast cancer accounts for 16% of all cancer-related fatalities in Romania, where it is the leading cause of death for women.

These statistics are worrying, considering that not breastfeeding endangers the health of both the child and the mother. In addition to the fact that Romania has a very high death rate from breast cancer, Romania also has a terrible birth rate. Considering that the population of Romania is decreasing drastically from year to year, the people of Romania are struggling with health problems, a low birth rate and an increasing number of emigrants, issues of significant importance that will affect Romania in the coming years.

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